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Life often imitates art and a few drug dealers in the Four Corners region of New Mexico have ultimately been inspired by Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

The local authorities are saying that the dealers are cutting their crystal meth with a chemical to make it blue as a means of advertising the award-winning show’s premise. And what better way to lure in first time users than to advertise a product that has caught the attention of millions of television viewers?

The Department of Homeland Security’s Kevin Abar (who is unintentionally assuming the role of “Hank” in this case) says while the methamphetamine may resemble the show’s illicit drug in appearance, the culprits are no Heisenberg’s.

“It’s truly bad. It’s a bad meth. We’re concerned that individuals may find it sexy and want to try it and utilize the drug and it’s very addictive,” he tells KOB-TV.

Oddly enough, the show’s blue meth birthplace in New Mexico wasn’t the first to make a blue debut. Kansas City conducted a raid in 2008 and last year, Oklahoma City drug dealers were busted with nearly 40 pounds of the drug.

Think there is a real-life Gus operating a drug underworld out of a El Pollo Loco or nah?

View the gallery to see the before and after pics of the blue meth that invaded New Mexico’s regions.


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