A former GOP candidate in New Mexico was arrested on Monday for his role in four targeted shootings at the homes of Democratic lawmakers. Solomon Peña was identified by Albuquerque police as the individual who hired four men to conduct the shootings, and is alleged to have taken part in one of them himself. Peña was a controversial figure who lost his election last November, but refused to accept the results.

As Tupac’s name continues to live past his untimely death speculation continues to surround him. One film maker thinks he might be living his best life in the Land of Enchantment.

Jon “Bones” Jones has been considered one of the top mixed martial artists of his era, and trouble seems to follow him like a moth to a flame. In his most recent controversy, the current UFC Light Heavyweight champion pleaded no contest in a strip club case where a waitress accused him of slapping her […]

UFC fighter Jon Jones was arrested for allegedly driving without everything needed to legally operate a vehicle. Jones, 28 didn’t have a license, registration, or proof of insurance when he was pulled over in Albuquerque, N.M. late last month.

New Mexico’s Secretary of State is facing 65 criminal charges, the latest of which is identity theft. Dianna Duran’s latest charge stems from allegations that she forged the name of a former colleague on financial records, adding to a mountain of other claims of fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, and more.

Never take advice from a dog. Not that this makes any sort of sense, but Matthew Gonzales of New Mexico shot his ex in the head last week and blamed it on a nosey K-9.

Diana Hendren of Albuquerque, New Mexico should have tapped into her zen state of mind during a recent last-minute shopping tripping because she’s being accused of the ultimate no-no.

It has always been a myth that video game pioneer Atari buried their disgraced E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial title in the New Mexican desert after it nearly left them depleted. The shame was brought on by the game notoriously being ranked as one of the worst game of all-time and thanks to the due diligence of […]

Life often imitates art and a few drug dealers in the Four Corners region of New Mexico have ultimately been inspired by Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

A high school teacher in New Mexico has come under fire after he reportedly told a Black ninth-grader that Santa Claus was white. The teacher was moved to make the statement after the student wore the customary red cap and white beard in a school-sanctioned spirit event last week.

While on the road for the Club Paradise tour in New Mexico, some of the tallest rappers alive get in a rousing game of 21 (that’s an every man for themselves game of basketball until 21 points are scored for those who didn’t have a childhood). Check out the game between J.Cole, Waka Flocka, 2 […]

An Albuquerque, New Mexico based community group is making waves throughout the nation with their unique, landmark program. Ordo Dei Imperceptus, a non-profit religious organization, has tasked themselves with protecting New Mexico’s member’s of the “fairer sex,” assigning body guards to any woman that was once in an abusive relationship that fears retaliation for seeking […]