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Never take advice from a dog. Not that this makes any sort of sense, but Matthew Gonzales of New Mexico shot his ex in the head last week and blamed it on a nosey K-9.

Oddly, that’s not the weirdest part of this story. The dog told him to “take care” of the girlfriend because she posted on Facebook that she was “single.”

So yes, the dog has Internet access. Keep up.

Reports the Albuquerque  Journal:

The man suspected of shooting his ex-girlfriend Tuesday told police his neighbor’s dog told him to shoot himself in front of his ex-girlfriend.

Instead, police say he ended up shooting her in the head and turning himself in at an area church Tuesday.

The victim survived the shooting and Gonzales was arrested.

Police were called to Gwin and Unser around 7:30 a.m. after they saw a woman lying in the street shot in the head. Paramedics arrived and rushed her to the hospital. The victim, 34, was in stable condition at the hospital, and told officers her ex-boyfriend, 48-year-old Matthew Gonzales, had done it, according to a criminal complaint filed in Metropolitan Court.

Gonzales told police his ex-girlfriend had said she was single on social media. He said his neighbor’s dog communicates with him, and said the dog told him “You need to take care of this.”

Gonzales said that meant he should commit suicide over the posting, and he decided to do so in front of her so she would know how he felt. He got a gun from his sister and drove to the victim’s house.

He confronted her outside, as she was leaving with her 10-year-old daughter. He showed her the gun and forced her into a car, according to the complaint.

Gonzales said the child looked scared and “knew something was very wrong,” according to the complaint.

He started driving, and stopped at Gwin and Unser to merge. The victim tried to get out of the car, and he tried to grab her, which is when he shot her, he told police.

He said he then drove to the mesa to commit suicide, but called his boss who convinced him to talk to Legacy Church pastor Paul Lovato. He drove to the church where he was arrested.

Gonzales is being held without bail on a whole list of offenses including assault, kidnapping, child abuse, aggravated assault.

Photo: Metropolitan Detention Center