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Toys for young boys have long contained suggestive themes for kids who played with them, but one mother is campaigning that the Breaking Bad action figures that Toys R Us is selling has crossed the line.

G.I. Joes with the kung-fu grip these are not. The Breaking Bad action figures not only feature a grimacing replica of Bryan Cranston’s Emmy Award-winning portrayal of Walter White, the also include seedy accessories such as a gun and bags of money and blue crystal meth. Uh oh.

Susan Schrivjer spoke with The TODAY Show about her disgust with the toy retailer to carry the adult-themed collectibles. “Anything to do with drugs is not doing the right thing,” she said. “I just think that they need to look at their visions and values, as they call them.”

Spokespeople for Toys R Us defended their decision for carrying the controversial miniatures, saying that they’re clearly sold in the adult section of the store but Schrivjer doesn’t care. Her petition has quickly gained traction with more than 1,500 signatures so far. TODAY also did some investigating reporting and found the toys nestled up to Super Mario Bros. dolls and Eli Manning sports memorabilia. The stock boy may need a refresher on what goes where.

Do you think the Breaking Bad action figures are inappropriate for a well-known toy store to carry or should they be able to have designated sections for various ages like every other retailer in the country?

Check out the pics of the toys in the gallery and let us know your thoughts on the ordeal in the comment section below.


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