bubba wallace


In the trailer to the upcoming docuseries, we see just how real things got for Bubba at a time when the Black Lives Matter movement was powering through America and the backlash he got from not only Nascar fans, but his own racing peers.

Arguably the best basketball player in history is looking to extend his golden touch to another sport. Michael Jordan has his eyes set on high speed racing.

Despite the obtuse commentary from the "keep politics out of sports" crowd and the MAGA-adjacent, the organization is standing with Wallace.

Wallace sat down with CNN's Don Lemon for an interview, telling the host that the investigation into the alleged noose incident was not a staged event as some conservative pundits and critics assert.

NASCAR's decision to do away with the confederate flag and Wallace's activism has seemingly rubbed some race fans the wrong way. However, Wallace is getting support from NASCAR and other star athletes.

Wallace, 26, races for the Richard Petty Motorsports team, and has recently called for a ban of Confederate flags at the tracks.