And to think that we were happy with those $1500 stimulus checks a few months back, right?

The Migos are in heavy promotional mode as they continue to put on the media press for their latest studio album Culture II. The Atlanta trio dropped by Buzzfeed’s Tasty cooking show to get in a little “Stir Fry,” if you can smell what the Migos are cooking up.

In what may be a case of too little, too late, the folks at BuzzFeed issued an apology via a tweet that was met with an expected reaction of mistrust regarding the corny #RealBlackPeopleQuestions video. Despite the website’s earnest claims to do better by its Black audience, the stink of the unforgivable cheesiness from the […]

Someone at BuzzFeed had the bright idea to have Black people asking questions that amounted to nothing more than a litany of stereotypes. Needless to say, Black Twitter went in on the struggle with #RealBlackPeopleQuestions.