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Someone at BuzzFeed had the bright idea to have Black people asking questions that amounted to nothing more than a litany of stereotypes. Needless to say, Black Twitter went in on the struggle with #RealBlackPeopleQuestions.

The Buzzfeed clip (see below) titled “27 Questions Black People Have For Other Black People,” features numerous African-Americans asking questions like, “If my dab is on fleek, am I lit?” and “How did watermelon become our thing?” or “Why do you protest Black Lives Matter?”

Did you just groan? Most people did.

The intentions may have been noble (get people talking, maybe?), but having Black people delivering asinine questions was the most obvious of a poorly executed fail.

That said, see the best of Black Twitter’s, and Common Sense Twitter’s, reactions with sarcasm, jokes and slander via #RealBlackPeopleQuestions (credit goes to Saul B. and Jozen Cummngs) below and on the following pages.


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