Donald Glover, and Janine Nabers, have a hit on their hands with Swarm. Ever since the Priime Video series—a psychological thriller that takes an unadulterated, unhinged and murderous lens to Stan culture—started streaming, the Internets and Black Twitter have been littered with hot-takes, reactions and theories.

Black Twitter joined together once more to celebrate Black History Month with both informative and hilarious tweets in 2023.


A popular TikTok food slinger named Chef Way is getting dragged for filth after some heinous tweets he dropped years ago resurfaced.

Coach Deion Sanders will be leaving Jackson State University for the University of Colorado and drew criticism.

BlackPlanet, the early 2000s social site, is currently asking old users and new folks to join the site as Twitter continues to spiral down.

Black Twitter began trending on Twitter Thursday (Nov. 17) amid rumors that the social media network will soon cease to exist.


Sarah Silverman did it to herself. The vocal comedian and activist took to Twitter to insinuate that Black people, or at least Black Twitter, was being silent about the antisemitic rhetoric Kanye West has been accused of hurling—and she was quickly and curtly course-corrected for her tomfoolery.


Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos drew sharp criticism for his attack on a Black professor over her tweets regarding the late Queen Elizabeth II & her role in the British Empire's problematic legacy. Dr. Uju Anya of Carnegie Mellon University was unfazed, firing back at him and defending her stance.

Billionaire rapper/producer Kanye West is nothing if not unpredictable. The star is being criticized for the merchandising presentation of his new Yeezy Gap collection. 

The Beyhive got it right. After much speculation that Beyoncé was dropping something after she scrubbed her profile pics off socials, the superstar singer has announced she is releasing a new album, titled Renaissance, next month.

Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter has caused a lot of people to question his motives. This article is a quick list answering questions about the South African billionaire and his recent issues regarding his philanthropy and charges of racism at his Tesla plants.

Elon Musk just purchased Twitter. The founder of SpaceX and CEO of Tesla reportedly purchased the social media app for a cool $44 billion.