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Sarah Silverman did it to herself. The vocal comedian and activist took to Twitter to insinuate that Black people, or at least Black Twitter, was being silent about the antisemitic rhetoric Kanye West has been accused of hurling—and she was quickly and curtly course-corrected for her tomfoolery.

In case you’ve been unaware, Kanye West found himself placed on pause by Instagram first and then Twitter for what many say is antisemitic commentary. It started with him claiming Jews were the ones who told Diddy to holla at him and then he said he was straight going “Death Con 3” on Jews, after he gets some sleep.

That said, the Black Twitter delegation has been flaming Kanye West since he dropped those bombs, and ones he’s dropped over the years. So then, here comes Sarah Silverman acting like Ye was getting a pass.

“Kanye threatened the Jews yesterday on twitter and it’s not even trending. Why do mostly only Jews speak up against Jewish hate? The silence is so loud,” she tweeted on Sunday (Oct. 9).

Now let’s keep in mind that Ye leaked his texts with Diddy on Friday, Oct. 7, and he had been catching hell (and often specifically for the antisemitism) ever since. So clearly, someone on the bid app (ahem, Sarah Silverman) must not be following a lot of Black people.

Soon enough, Silverman started copping pleas, saying she was talking about her fellow white comrades.

Yeah, sure, Sarah. We have reached the “I’m really the victim here” portion of Silverman’s struggle. She has been getting lit up ever since, and we’re here for it.

She even tried to come for Holly Robinson-Peete (and got cooked for that blasphemy, too).

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