If there’s one thing that the general public knows about the CIA it’s that agents are to remain cloaked in secrecy. The White House mistakenly broke this rule of silence by outing a top official stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan to thousands of journalists Sunday (May 25).

Edward Snowden is the “most costly leaker of American secrets in the history of the Republic,” this according to ex-NSA and CIA Director Michael Hayden. The 30-year-old was contracted by the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency  and leaked confidential details about government surveillance practices.

The CIA has been trying to buy its influence over the Aghan government by  secretly funneling tens of millions of dollars to President Hamid Karzai several times over the last decade. According to the New York Times, the cash payments have  been delivered to the president since the start of the war in Afghanistan.

Former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus has become the latest member of a federal agency to be brought down in one swoop, thanks to a s-x scandal. Announcing his resignation late last week, after emails sent from his mistress—biographer Paula Broadwell— to another woman, were unearthed. The incident has raised questions about  top-secret government information […]

One month ago, Maxi Sopo was a free man, resting deep within the embrace of hedonistic wiles. Now, he is probably resisting the aggressively persistent embrace of “Big” Bubba from cell block D, as federal authorities have finally apprehended the flighty criminal. All thanks to the social networking behemoth known as Facebook. Federal authorities claim […]