A woman in a gorilla mask attempted to egg Elder and members of his security team were allegedly hit with a pellet gun and folks online are trying to make it seem like Elder was the victim of a hate crime.

The family that stays together, slays together. Blue Ivy, Sir, Rumi Carter and Beyoncé are the stars of the Ivy Park Rodeo Kids campaign.

While the Rap community patiently waits for new Kendrick Lamar material it is now clear he has other things on his plate. He and a long time collaborator are getting to the corporate bag.

A season after their NBA championship title and Canada is still winning. The Weeknd is now the face of a luxury motoring advertisement.

When it comes celebrity Will Smith is a God among men. Moncler cut the big check to have him as the face of their newest collection.

ASAP Rocky’s glow up in the fashion world continues to get brighter. He has signed on for yet another celebrity led collection.

Last night’s showdown between Vice President Joe Biden and Mitt Romney running mate Paul Ryan was highly anticipated by all who thought President Barack Obama floundered mightily in his first debate with his GOP opponent early last week. As expected, Biden came armed with his typical bombast coupled with years of experience, and appeared by many […]

With many critics saying President Barack Obama failed to win the first of a trio of presidential debates against GOP candidate Mitt Romney last week, the already tightly contested race for the White House has narrowed even further. The President promises to turn things around in the upcoming weeks during an interview yesterday morning (October […]

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been dogged by the media after saying that while he loved Sesame Street character Big Bird, he intends to cut Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) funding in order to help lower the federal deficit. Seizing on the moment, the Obama campaign has crafted a new ad which takes digs at […]

Nicki Minaj, Jeremy Scott, Big Sean, Kids These Days and Derrick Rose are all featured in the newest spot from Adidas for their ‘Adidas Originals’ campaign. Spanning the globe from New York, Tokyo, Chicago, and Brazil, this ad encourages people to embrace originality and creativity. The 2012 Fall/Winter campaign is featured in this commercial and […]

President Obama is using only one word to describe his re-election campaign: forward. The POTUS, whose comedy bit was the talk of this year’s White House Correspondence Dinner, released a seven-minute video Monday (April 30), showing the changes he’s made since taking office in 2008. The video begins with clips of the tail end of […]

Wale Campaigns for 5 Mics with The Source I can understand campaigning for presidency, asking people to buy an album, I even get lobbying for likes on Facebook or Twitter followers, but Wale is on a mission to get The Source Magazine to give him a 5 Mic rating for Ambition. Is he delusional? He’s […]