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Blue Hefner returns with new music just shortly after dropping his new mixtape V6: The Gift. One would think the Lloyd Banks wouldn’t drop anything new since he just gave a gang of free music away with V6, but this is obviously not the case. Lloyd Banks’s “CPR” was supposed to be on his new project, but it was […]

After a few delays and some minor setbacks, Lloyd Banks is back with a new mixtape, V6: The Gift. This is Banks’ first project since Cold Corner 2, which dropped a few months back. Although it seems like G-Unit may have quietly disbanded for the time being, Banks is not lamenting and is looking to put a big push […]

Today at noon, Lloyd Banks will be dropping his new mixtape V6, on We haven’t had a new Banks tape in a good long time, while 50 Cent has been dropping plenty of free material in the mean time. It’s been widely reported that 50 Cent and Banks haven’t talked in a long time. School Boy […]