The company says the cars are still safe to drive.


Battery operated motoring is about to get an upgrade. One of the top tier manufacturers is about to advance the look and feel of the category.


Polaris’ unique open-air, three-wheeled vehicle the Slingshot caught the attention of both motorcycle lovers and car enthusiasts alike when it first hit the roads back in 2014. Now in 2020, the Slingshot is back with some new twists (one in particular) that Polaris hopes will lure in even more riders.


Aston Martin has joined the environmentally friendly wave. They are set to release a rechargeable motor powered sedan in the coming months.

When you think of supercars currently on the market names like Bugatti, Porsche, Ferarri or Lamborghini instantly come to mind. Well, today luxury electric car manufacturer Tesla is coming for the crown with the surprise introduction of their Tesla Roadster.


Swizz Beatz has just been sued for $15M for his alleged participation in a car leasing scam.

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The automotive industry owes more to Hip-Hop than it probably realizes, especially with all the free publicity rappers have given out over the years. Similar to jewelry, girls, houses, alcohol, and even molly (for a little while), spitting on your car game is an easy way to fill up lyrical space and gloat about your […]

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Snoop Dogg takes it up another notch with the video for “Let the Bass Go.”  A compliment to the film Turbo, he provides visuals intertwining movie clips, fast cars and beautiful women. Colorful lights adorn the visual while dancers move to the upbeat song. The clip has scenes similar to what you may have seen […]

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The hot Spitta, Curren$y stopped by the Hip-Hop Wired headquarters and told us why he favors old school cars over newer models. He also flossed some of his kicks for us. Check it out after the jump.