Unless you've dedicated to avoiding the world, or on a desert meditation retreat like that actor, then you're aware the Coronavirus is a global pandemic. No one is safe, with a number of celebrities having been diagnosed with COVID-19 or at least quarantining after exposure.

It’s all fun, games, and merciless memes until we find out the reason some of the most popular stars are wilding out is due to psychological issues.

It’s an unstated fact that every celebrity is obligated to put their friends on in the form of enabling a sizeable struggle crew.

You know the dating pool is getting shallow when you’re facing the prospect of greeting your significant other during a conjugal visit.

Few things embody the American Dream more than turning a struggle job of popping your cakes in the shadows for someone else into your own A-list career.

Sometimes the urge to smash is so real that waiting to get to the crib isn’t an option. That’s why the public quickie was invented.

It’s probably a bad sign when your preacher wants you to run him his money in the name of the Lord for a new G650 private jet.

Before the Supreme Court’s landmark decision to legalize same sex marriages, plenty of folks were obviously wifing up both men and women even if they didn’t technically “put a ring on it.”

Catch her on the wrong day, and even the most demure woman might be down to serve you a fade…or worse.

Sports stars are often worshipped and adored for their exploits on the field, but some of them are habitual line-crossers when it comes to the game of life.

Advances in fitness training and plastic surgery—or just good genetics—means exceptionally beautiful women are no longer falling off after their mid-30s.

From that “I Can Breathe” nonsense to blaming Tamir Rice for his own death, 2015 has been a banner year for foul policemen getting away with violence against unarmed citizens.