New Balance basketball sneakers? Sounds weird right?  Well according to reports the company best known for its running sneakers and your dad’s favorite pair of grilling kicks wants to take another stab at the basketball market. 

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Last night, Kevin Garnett won. Thanks to some surely vile trash talk, he helped Carmelo Anthony go  6-26 from the field. Sure the Celtics beat the Knicks 102-96, but the bigger story of the night, and today, has been the alleged cereal slander he sent Melo’s way.


Vanilla Ice will be performing at halftime during the Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Boston Celtics game (in Minnesota) this Friday. March 30th. Yes, you read that correctly. According to the NBA: The Minnesota Timberwolves today announced that multi-platinum recording artist Vanilla Ice will put on a special halftime performance during next Friday’s game vs. Boston.  Vanilla […]

Is it just me or does every NBA baller want to be a rapper, and every rapper want to be a baller? With the month of June filled with the NBA finals and releases from some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop, let’s just pretend for a minute rappers were ballers, which ones would they […]