A Virginia statute of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee is set to be melted down into new artwork after being recently removed from the city park where the “I heart negroes in chains” military commander was immortalized in the 1920s. Oh, we’re not talking about the Lee monument in Richmond, Va., that was finally removed […]


Justice has been served, this time. The white supremacist who killed Heather Hayer at the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017 has been sentenced to life in prison. 


A hate monger who beat a Black man at a Neo Nazi gathering in 2017 might have some explaining to do to his future cellmates. He will most likely do hard time for the vile offense.

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White Nationalists are a devoted bunch of idiots. A number of them, but not that many, returned to Charlottesville once again holding torches to protest their oppression or some other nonsense like that. 

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Pharrell Williams kneeled in solidarity with the growing response to President Trump's attack on NFL players and others at a Charlottesville concert.


A Colorado man who claimed he was stabbed in the hand for looking like a neo-Nazi by the Antifa group was arrested for fabricating his story. Joshua Witt is now facing charges that could land him up to one year in jail for his false statement.

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Susan Bro, the mother of slain Charlottesville activist Heather Heyer, says that she’s avoiding calls from President Donald Trump and the White House. She said during a Good Morning America appearance that Trump comparing white hate groups and counter-protesters as one and the same offended her and decided she won’t grant Trump an audience.

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Christopher Cantwell, a member the white supremacist group that marched on Charlottesville last weekend, was seen on video crying over a warrant for his arrest. Cantwell had previously been recorded talking tough about his desire to monetize the racial hate biz but changed his tune when facing the prospect.

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In response to the violence in Charlottesville over the weekend—spurred by white supremacists, no matter what Trump thinks—Barack Obama shared a quote from Nelson Mandela on Twitter. It is now the most liked tweet ever.

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You can bet Jimmy Fallon is regretting that time he tried to make Donald Trump likable on The Tonight Show. During his opening monologue last night (April 14), there were no jokes, just seriousness while addressing the weekend’s racist violence in Charlottesville. 

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In the wake of the hateful protest in Charlottesville that turned bloody and left one woman dead, President Trump has finally placed blame by name.

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Leave it to Fox News to find Black apologists for not only President Trump but for the Nazis who took part in the racially motivated rally that took place in Charlottesville this past Saturday (August 12).