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Leave it to Fox News to find Black apologists for not only President Trump but for the Nazis who took part in the racially motivated rally that took place in Charlottesville this past Saturday (August 12).

After blaming Democrats for their role in founding the KKK, Diamond and Silk justified Cheeto Jesus blaming “all sides” by saying, “It can’t be one-sided. All of them was wrong for doing what they was doing.”

Though Diamond added that “We have to live in this country together,” she also said, “People’s freedom of speech have to be protected because it’s protected by the first amendment. So we can’t look at one side, we have to look at all sides cause all of them created violence.”

Where do they find these people? They down with Omarosa or something?

This isn’t the first time that Diamond (Lynnette Hardaway) and Silk (Rochelle Richardson) have spoken on behalf of Donald Trump as it has been reported that the two were often paid to appear at political rallies in support of the current Comrade-In-Chief.

Check out the video of these two covering for Donald Trump below and sound off on your thoughts in the comments.

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