Donald Trump was a guest speaker at the memorial service for Diamond aka Lynette Hardaway of Diamond & Silk infamy. The appearance had all the signs of a grift, with Cheeto perplexing sentient humans when he said he didn’t know Silk all that well, despite like…reality


We couldn’t make this up with we tried. Lynette Hardaway of the infamous MAGA-loving and Black self-hating duo Diamond & Silk has passed away.

As his final act as president of the United States, Donald Trump handed out pardons and commutations to people who really didn't deserve them. One, in particular, came at the request of his favorite tap-dancing coons.

In a new book from the insufferable two, the former Fox Nation show hosts say that the network took aim at them.

Lynnette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson became household names as a result of their unflinching support of the former business mogul and reality TV star.


Looks like Twitter’s war on misinformation done claimed another Trump supporting account.

Diamond & Silk, who both work for Fox News, are questioning the data surrounding the loss of life due to the COVID-19 situation that has gripped the world.

Conservative shoe-shines Diamond and Silk became superstars for MAGA country after their strong and often belligerent support of President Donald Trump. As employees of Fox News with a new streaming show, the pair work as volunteers for Trump’s reelection bid for 2020 but that might cross some journalistic lines as it would appear the network […]

Just when we thought President Donald Trump‘s coon parade couldn’t do any more damage, YouTube Cheeto Chump shoe-shiners Diamond and Silk decided to ask Kanye West and CyHi The Pyrnce to hold their beers and wigs. The women appeared before members of Congress earlier today (April) and issued several false statements under oath.

Mark Zuckerberg faced another grilling of questions on Wednesday during his testimony in front of a joint Congress regarding Facebook‘s data scandal. GOP members from the House and Senate called to attention Facebook marking pro-President Donald Trump stooges Diamond and Silk’s page on the network as “unsafe,” saying that he and his team made an […]

Diamond & Silk, the Black sellouts who love them some President Donald Trump, are back to pushing brooms and putting on their best tap shoes in their ongoing minstrel show. The pair were guests on Fox News defending President Donald Trump and had the audacity to say he’s getting mistreated on a level that President […]

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Leave it to Fox News to find Black apologists for not only President Trump but for the Nazis who took part in the racially motivated rally that took place in Charlottesville this past Saturday (August 12).