Following up on the release of his latest project, Heir Waves, Chase N. Cashe drops a new video for his hard hitting intro, “I’m The Man 2.0.”

Chase N. Cashe returns to form with a brand new mixtape called Heir Waves. This the first project since his 2012 independent album, CHARM. 

Chase N. Cashe is gearing up for his follow up to CHARM with the upcoming  project titled, Heir Waves. 

New Orleans native and Surf Club General, Chase N. Ca$he, is getting ready to drop his third album CHARM on November 12th. 

Chase N. Cashe of The Surf Club chopped it up with Esteban of FUSE to preview his third solo project, C.H.A.R.M. In this video he previews songs “I Don’t Play, “O.M.W,” and “Line Of Fire.”