child endangerment

Tyga appears to be following in Rich Homie Quan’s footsteps and no, that’s not a good thing. The oft-embattled rapper posted a video on to Snapchat of his three-year-old son King Cairo having a ball playing at home. But a keen observation from his followers pointed out that the tot could have possibly been in […]

Memorial Day Weekend is one of America’s favorite R&R celebrations but Kionna Moret of Suffolk, Virginia is being accused of seriously having her priorities as a mother totally screwed up.

Way back in 1991, 2Pac warned of young teen mothers abandoning their kids in the most dire of places, but it seems like his social commentary may have gone in vain in favorable of the ratchet music kids use to get by these days.

As previously reported, the father who took out some frustration in the form of whipping his misbehaving daughters with a cable wire is now facing criminal charges for the act. The Dayton, Oh. father has been accused of allegedly beating his children with a video cable from his television and DVD system. 

Katt Williams was arrested outside his home near Los Angeles Tuesday (Jan. 8) night, for skipping a court date in Sacramento. The troubled comedian was taken into custody  and held on $105,000 bail.

2013 is almost here, but Katt Williams still has plenty of f-ckery on his plate before 2012 comes to a close. On December 28, the comedian was arrested in his home (or maybe office) for child endangerment, stemming from suspicions he kept illegal firearms and drugs in a household that contained children. Now authorities are […]

After numerous arrests and altercations, it appears that Katt Williams has reached his breaking point. Fresh out of custody after being taken in on child endangerment allegations, the troubled comedian accused police of specifically singling him out while comparing himself to Trayvon Martin.

Katt Williams was arrested at his home near Los Angeles Friday (Dec. 28) on suspicion that he endangered his children.   Authorities were called to the 39-year-old’s house in Woodland Hills, Calif. and found enough evidence of wrongdoing to take him into custody.