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Way back in 1991, 2Pac warned of young teen mothers abandoning their kids in the most dire of places, but it seems like his social commentary may have gone in vain in favorable of the ratchet music kids use to get by these days.

A 28-year-old South Carolina woman who had just given birth yesterday afternoon is now in the custody of law enforcement after she stands accused of dumping her newborn son in the trash can. Blood was found nearby by the dumpster but luckily enough, the little man is a survivor and now resting in the nearby hospital in stable condition.

Reports WYFF4:

A Greenville woman has been charged with attempted murder and unlawful neglect of a child after police said she left her newborn baby in a trash can.

Sharon Ferguson was taken into custody Monday afternoon.

Public information officer Johnathan Bragg said officers responded to a home on Chaney Street in the Nicholtown community around 4:30 Monday afternoon.

Bragg said the owner of the rental home was doing maintenance when he noticed blood outside the trash can. When he looked inside, he saw the infant.

Bragg says the baby boy is alive and rescue crews worked on him at the scene before transporting him to a hospital. Police said he is in stable condition.

Neighbor Ouida Neasley said, “I was upset. I saw the baby after they had pulled it out of the trash can and the fire department got here and I saw that the baby was moving.”

According to police warrants, Ferguson told investigators that on or about April 21 she gave birth to the baby, and placed him in a plastic grocery bag and wrapped him in a pink blanket. She then put the child into a trash can in the backyard and willfully abandoned him.

Hit the gallery to pics of Ferguson and the disgusting bin she her son tossed in. He was literally minutes old when the incident allegedly happened. This is inexcusable.

Photo: NBC, FOX Carolina

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