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Charlie Sheen stated he is not sure how or when he acquired the HIV virus but if the new rumors of his behavior in between the sheets pan out, it should come a surprise to no one.

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A Bronx woman is standing accusing of pulling off a Mortal Kombat style murder on her pregnant friend as she was reportedly jealous of her motherly status.


Katerra Lewis’ face will forever be linked with the utmost worst cases of bad parenting and neglect. The reason why it will be forever is her one-year-old daughter Kelcia Lewis is now dead after an eight-year-old boy was left to babysit four other children, ages 2, 4, 6, 7 and beat young Kelcia to death […]


Much much ado about nothing has been made over Starbucks’ decision to market solid red cups for the 2015 holiday season but if you walk with your coffee over to Bloomingdale’s, you just may see a real cause of concern.


News revolving around Bobbi Kristina’s death just keeps getting stranger and more sad.

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Jude Angelini a.k.a. Rude Jude has had an impressive run in entertainment, by first gaining notoriety on The Jenny Jones Show as one of the first reality TV stars to truly make it to his tenure on Sirius Radio’s The All Out Show with DJ Lord Sear.


If you or anyone you know is under the impression that an e-cigarette is more safe than a traditional one, 21-year-old Evan Spahlinger of Naples, Florida seriously begs the differ.

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A spoiled, irresponsible and reckless Florida woman attempted to endanger the lives of everyone around her when she decided to document her drunk driving on Periscope. Thankfully, her growing audience decided to alert the proper authorities.

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Hawaii is more famous for its vacation hotspots than its native lunatics but that doesn’t mean the latter category doesn’t exist.

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Several gunmen are in custody and another one is at large in two complete separate school shootings that have infected the country today, October 9.


Matthew Brendan Warner’s name will forever be listed amongst the most perverse sick bastards who ever lived. The 30-year-old man from Newhall, Santa Clarita, California just received a 50 years to life sentence for the death and apparant sexual abuse of his daughter, who only lived to be 19…days old.


Sometimes it feels that news being reported on the other side of the world is beyond fake but then there again, there’s Florida, so the benefit of doubt is given.