chris brown

Grown folks shouldn’t be running around the streets slandering each other. Despite the press it generates, it’s something that makes all parties involved look silly.

Yes, T.I. is still working his Paperwork project. The Atlanta rapper, and reality show star, drops a video for “Private Show,” featuring Chris Brown. 

Chris Brown needs to burn sage throughout his entire house, stat. As previously reported, a disturbed woman recently broke into the R&B crooners home, and Breezy took to Instagram to post a pic of the crazy eyed chick and detail some of her shenanigans. 

Turn down for what? Let’s say staying alive and being able to earn a living, for starters.

Very little real macking is done from behind a keyboard. At their core, #WomanCrushWednesday and #ManCrushMonday are just well disguised thirst.

Much like pressure, scandal can either kill or fuel a celebrity career. Nothing feeds the 24-hour news cycle like drama.

The only thing more volatile than the rise to fame is the inevitable crash. There’s a tradition of tears, profanity, and general embarrassment.

You know we’re still collectively wack as a society because people have nothing better to do than stress over celebrities getting their swirl on.

Breaking up is hard to do, and sometimes it takes the gavel of a judge to convince people to give their former lovers some much-needed space.

The magic of Instagram means you can let millions know about your pending nuptials with the snap of a cameraphone. Maybe that’s the case with Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill.

Just about everyone aspires to make a million dollars at some point in their lifetime. It’s an entirely different matter to be sitting on a mil before you’re legally old enough to drink.

Foot in mouth disease may be one of America’s worst epidemics. Azealia Banks is currently suffering from an acute case and possibly swearing off the media after saying she wanted to smash the President.