The Cleveland Browns will now have to game plan without their star quarterback. Deshaun Watson has been suspended and fined for sexual misconduct.

We have just witnessed another grand opening, grand closing in the National Football League. The Cleveland Browns have released Odell Beckham Jr. 


Last night's Monday Night Football matchup between the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens turned out to be a thriller as reigning NFL MVP Lamar Jackson was able to deliver the his team a "W" during the final minutes of the game. But it almost didn't happen.

Even though every sports league is on hiatus moves are still being made in the background. Odell Beckham Jr. is reportedly feeling in a ways and wants out of The North Coast.

In a sport that’s violent as is, a player from the Cleveland Browns has put an even larger stain on the sport after attacking another player with their own helmet. Defensive end Myles Garrett removed Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph’s helmet in a tussle and struck him in the head, but amazingly won’t face criminal […]

Odell Beckham Jr. isn’t holding anything back now that he is a Cleveland Brown. The all-star made it clear his former team did not do right by him.

Kareem Hunt found himself booted from a talent-stacked Kansas City Chiefs squad last year after footage of him beating and kicking a woman surfaced. Despite the video evidence, Hunt was offered a job with the Cleveland Browns but his pathway in getting back to the field will be complicated.

The recently reinstated Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon revealed in an interview with GQ that he used drugs and drank before every game.

The Cleveland police and paramedics union will not hold up the United States flag at the upcoming Cleveland Browns home opener.

The Colin Kaepernick effect is spreading throughout different racial groups in the NFL. A White Cleveland Browns player recently took a knee during singing of the National Anthem.

It looks like Johnny Manziel will have some time to reflect on his crazy behavior and possibly refocus his career. The Cleveland Browns officially waved 23-year-old Manziel, the team announced Friday (March 11).

Over the past week, the Cleveland Browns have been trying to generate buzz via social media for the unveiling of their new logo. Seeing that Josh Gordon’s struggles have dominated their headlines during yet another season where they failed to make the playoffs, can you blame them?