cocaine cowboys


When the Cocaine Cowboys documentary burst onto the scene back in 2006 it immediately became a must-see DVD for barbershop brethren and corner store congregation conversation. Now the widow of original coke cowboy, Jon Roberts, is looking to collect on unpaid royalties she says are owed to her on behalf of her deceased husband.

The legend of Griselda Blanco aka La Madrina continues. Her infamous reign as Colombia’s most vicious drug lord will be captured in a new movie titled The Godmother with Catherine Zeta-Jones playing Blanco.

Major League Baseball has a major thorn in its side thanks to one of its best players in Alex Rodriguez battling his 211-game suspension for allegedly using performance enhancing drugs. Their is currently a bidding war for the rights to a tell-all book from the New York Yankees third baseman, who has also met with […]

Miami’s original “Boss” has released his eighth album Finally Famous. He recently checked in with Hip-Hop Wired and gave his views on Officer Ricky, snitching, as well as his position in the rap game. HipHopWired: So, let’s get into your project, Finally Famous, man. You seem like you’ve got a lot of stuff to get […]