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When the Cocaine Cowboys documentary burst onto the scene back in 2006 it immediately became a must-see DVD for barbershop brethren and corner store congregation conversation. Now the widow of original coke cowboy, Jon Roberts, is looking to collect on unpaid royalties she says are owed to her on behalf of her deceased husband.

Reports TMZ:

Andrea Noemi Roberts says Jon struck the deal with financial adviser Daniel Merandi and his company, M & M Financial — Jon would get 50 percent from any TV or movie projects related to his 2011 memoir, “American Desperado.” Jon died shortly after the book came out, but Andrea says she inherited the deal with Merandi.

Andrea’s fighting for every dollar, and with good reason. Jon’s book has been linked to a Hollywood project with Mark WahlbergPeter Berg and Michael Bay attached … and it’s already been used to make a Telemundo documentary. She’s suing to get the half she’s due now, plus anything in the future.

While some may speculate that Roberts must’ve kept some money stashed from his ride or die days, we can only assume that Feds took the bulk of that nest egg – if not all of it – when they cracked down on sunny side Miami in the 80’s.

Nevertheless, Roberts is due her legal bread same as any tax paying citizen.


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