Colombian law enforcement have made a considerable dent into their narcotics problem. They have busted a cartel that allegedly moves five tons of cocaine a month.


Three smugglers are thanking both the heavens and the infamous coca plant after a harrowing experience. The trio hung on to their product, bales of cocaine, for dear life while waiting for help.


Kelis will not be moving to Colombia with Nasir “Nas” Jones‘ son as originally reported, this after the rapper put up a legal fight to protest the potential move. Instead, the R&B singer and media personality will opt to remain in the United States, Temecula, Calif. to be exact, for the time being.


The bitter child support and custody battle between former couple Nas and Kelis is still raging, this time with the Queensbridge rapper taking the offensive. The artist born Nasir Jones accused his ex-wife of violating their custody agreement after taking their 9-year-old son to Colombia.


Kanye West is back on the ‘Gram. You care. 


Drug dealers are notorious for eliminating the competition or anyone that stands in their way. Actually, add animals to the latter since a Colombian drug gang has reportedly put a bounty of $70,000 on a drug detecting canine. 


Yokasta M, a former teacher in Medellin, Colombia, is facing 40 years in prison after her scheme to offer sex in exchange for grades was exposed.

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Hip-Hop Wired presents a brand new video series called HHW Sessions. This series will take some of your favorite artists and give you an update on their lives as well as a fresh new freestyle.


The Black Migo Gang and Free Bandz own, Young Scooter, has been making noise with his latest effort, Street Lottery and the hit single “Colombia.” 

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When struggle rappers are asleep, Curren$y is working hard. Despite it being only three months into the new year, the Jet Life MC has already flooded the Internets with mounds of new material, including his 14-track New Jet City mixtape. Today he returns with “Kingpin,” a spirited rendition of Young Scooter’s club smash “Colombia.”

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Black Migo Gang’s Young Scooter recruits some big names for the remix to his big single, “Colombia.” 

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If you’ve visited Atlanta in the past six months, chances are you’ve heard of “Col0mbia” and Young Scooter. If not, the dope boy anthem will infiltrate your local radio stations soon enough. The track defines Scooter’s kingpin dreams, which are reinforced by a powerful chorus “I can make co-caine, I just fell in love with a […]