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It’s rare that Snoop Dogg is a plaintiff in a lawsuit and not the other way around. However, the top-tier rapper had to come after the Pabst Brewing Company after they broke an agreement during the time he was pushing the flavored beverage Colt 45 Blast.

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OG Maco has plenty to celebrate with his kinfolk when makes pit stops back in The A.

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Could Juicy J be the new Billy Dee Williams? Whe won’t go that far, but the Memphis rapper did take a page out of the actor’s book with his starring role in Colt 45’s “Keep It Colt 45“ campaign.

Snoop Dogg recently did a smoking photo shoot with famous photographer Estevan Oriol for Blast by Colt 45 in actor Billy Dee Williams’ place. Blast is Colt 45’s newest beverage to hit shelves April 5, 2011 and Snoop’s the newest spokeperson for it. Now go get you a cold Billy. Peep More New Videos Here […]