commissioner ray kelly

Authorities announced Thursday (April 25) that the Boston bombing suspects wanted to attack New York City’s Times Square. Surviving suspect, Dzokhar Tsarnaev, told investigators of the plot, NBC News reports.

A federal judge ruled that stop-and-frisk practices in the Bronx are unconstitutional Tuesday (Jan. 8). The New York Police Department introduced the policy allotting them the right to search people deemed suspicious, a move which has been met with opposition due to potential racial profiling. Known as “Operation Clean Halls” the Bronx program is centered […]

The crime epidemic in Chicago has become international news, and New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, thinks that President Obama could be doing more to fight gun violence. When probed about a shooting of a 5-year-old girl in New York, Kelly brought up what he sees as the president’s and former Republican candidate Mitt […]

Last month, the NYPD owned up to striking several innocent victims in pursuit of a shooter at the Empire State Building, and it appears that a new slip-up has taken another life. Reynaldo Cuevas, a worker, at the Aneurys Deli Grocery in the Bronx, was shot by police as he tried to get away from gunmen […]