COVID-19 Vaccine


Whether or not antivaxxers will be swayed by his two cents remains to be seen (they won't)

The Georgia congresswoman's brash and bold ways finally caught up with her, at least on Twitter, after the social media service suspended her account for 12 hours for violating its misinformation policy.

The conservative pundit's latest missive decried the validity of COVID-19 vaccines, prompting a strong reaction from folks on Twitter.

NFL wide receiver Cole Beasley took to Twitter on Friday (June 18) to assert that he would rather retire, or even die, than to take the coronavirus vaccine.

However, some are looking at the point guard dishing off an assist to the anti-vax community and appeared in a documentary aimed to stoke fears, and fans have levied their criticism towards Stockton via Twitter.

Americans got served another reminder that the vaccine does not make you 100% immune to COVID-19. Bill Maher has tested positive after getting his shots.

The Biden Administration is in the planning stages of launching a national vaccine passport program. If successful, it will help the inoculated integrate safely back to everyday life, but where does that leave the poor and people of color?


For a while now, R. Kelly has been doing everything under the sun to get himself sprung from prison, including citing the pandemic as a reason he should be allowed to go home and avoid contracting the deadly virus.

President Joe Biden is getting some help to fulfill his pledge to get 100,000,000 million American's vaccinated against COVID-19, and it's none other than Tyler Perry.