A strong earthquake off the coast of Jamaica has caused the issuance of several tsunami warnings across the region. Along with Jamaica, Cuba, the Cayman Islands and parts of Mexico are under the warning.

In a move some expected once President Donald Trump took office, the administration is rolling back nearly 20 years of eased travel restrictions to Cuba and banning all cruise ship stops from the United States. The move was enacted to put pressure on Cuban officials and to keep American dollars away from its economy.

Rihanna will be making her return to the big screen very soon if new rumors circling around are true. The Barbadian superstar is allegedly on the set of a film with Donald Glover, tentatively titled Guava Island according to a bevy of reports.

Barack Obama is helping your Caribbean travels be especially lit. If you’re traveling abroad, you can now bring home just about all the Cuban cigars and rum you’d like. 

Kanye West and family, that would be the Kardashians, visited Havana, Cuba on Wednesday, May 4. But word is they were whining because of spotty Internet service, of course. 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is once again igniting a push to bring wanted fugitive Assata Shakur back to American shores. Gov. Christie wrote an op-ed that was published Wednesday (Mar. 23) demanding President Barack Obama to urge officials in Cuba to no longer grant Shakur political asylum and have her face justice. 

The thawing of the diplomatic relationship between the United States and Cuba culminated in a historic visit Sunday (Mar. 20) by President Barack Obama and the First Family to the island nation. President Obama is the first sitting president to visit the nation in over 90 years.

Usher has been taking his time crafting his next hit album but also to get his love life right where he wants it to be.

Just about anything Rihanna does garners plenty of attention. Case in point, the Bajan pop singer recently visited Cuba and she sent the locals into a tizzy.

Cuba is about to become a tourist destination for Americans. Today (Jan. 15), the Obama administration announced that it will be easing travel restrictions to the Caribbean island starting tomorrow (Jan. 16). 

Assata Shakur has resurfaced in the news of late in the wake of renewed diplomatic discussions between the United States and Cuba. While Shakur is a wanted fugitive by the U.S. Government, Cuban officials have essentially expressed they would not extradite the activist and author.

On December 17, 2014 President Barack Obama announced the Cuban trade embargo lifted. And what a game changer it was, considering it would mark new beginnings with the island.