Bhad Bahbie, best known as the "catch me outside" teen, was accused of Blackfishing on Instagram and responded to her critics.

On Twitter, the Shang-Chi and The Ten Rings star has her name trending on Twitter once again after fans resurfaced one of her older songs that some feel was anti-Black and largely offensive.

After the announcement of his new J'Ouvert Rum, many are accusing the American actor of cultural appropriation despite reports that Jordan is working alongside a business partner of Trinidadian descent.

The Korean-American star performed a cover of Kendrick Lamar's hit track "DNA" but some in the world of social media believe Park's take was rife with cultural appropriation and disrespectful to Black culture as a whole.

You ever see something so egregious that you first question if it is actually real? One of the biggest fashion houses in the world just played themselves big time.

Miley Cyrus got caught culture vulturing red-handed, and now has to pay up. The singer has reached a settlement in the $300M lawsuit against her for biting a Reggae tune without permission.

Chuck D has had enough with messy daytime talk shows. He took to social media to shame two of the biggest culture vultures in the game.

Tech N9ne is without a doubt one of the top-performing Hip-Hop acts in the world as evidenced by his heavy touring schedule and longevity. Given that the Kansas rapper has fans who typically aren’t your typical Hip-Hop fans, he took a moment to call out fans who declared Eminem a culture vulture.

Arielle Haspel, the White owner of Lucky Lee’s, a new “Chinese restaurant” that serves a “clean” take on the cuisine, is getting doused in slander sauce for cultural appropriation.

While Tekashi 6ix9ine sings like a bird in order to duck fed time, details about the real person behind the persona are emerging. Sara Molina, the mother of Tekashi’s child, called the rapper a culture vulture among other things in a new interview.


When Rachel Dolezal was busted for taking culture vulture to new and unthinkable heights back in the summer of 2015 she caught the kind of backlash and slander reserved for a Russian agent turned President of The United States.


A new start up is trying to gentrify bodegas and make them obsolete, basically.