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When Rachel Dolezal was busted for taking culture vulture to new and unthinkable heights back in the summer of 2015 she caught the kind of backlash and slander reserved for a Russian agent turned President of The United States.

Now Netflix is feeling a portion of what Rachel went through due in part to their decision to present a documentary about the “transracial” woman who was so convincing in her vulture ways that she was once the president of Spokane, Washington chapter of the National Association for The Advancement of Colored People.

The Rachel Divide, the documentary that no one asked for was filmed over two years by film maker Laura Brownson who feels that Dolezal’s story is deeper and far more complicated than people were led to believe. The clip features a braided up Dolezal talking with her bi-racial son who questions why she just can’t let this nonsense die already (a question we can all relate to).

Naturally social media didn’t respond well to the news and took to the web to drag everyone involved in this project. Check out the trailer below and the responses after the jump.

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