Death Threat

As Philadelphia continues to celebrate their contribution to Joseph Biden’s monumental victory the public is now seeing some of the behind the scenes turmoil. Unfortunately the City of Brotherly Love wasn’t so brotherly the last two weeks.

Rep. Maxine Waters has drawn the ire of politicians from both sides of the aisle after making comments last week asking supporters to protest President Donald Trump and his Cabinet at every turn. With the media twisting the California congresswoman’s words into a call for violent attacks, Waters is now facing harsh words and death […]

A day after begging the woman he allegedly cheated on, Jerrika Karlae, for forgiveness, Young Thug seemingly issued a death threat her way.

A Washington D.C. officer has been cleared of allegedly threatening to kill First Lady Michelle Obama. Christopher Picciano faced  further administrative action afar being demoted to a clerk position after talking about shooting Mrs. Obama.

A Virginia man is behind bars after threatening to send a bomb to the White House to kill President Obama. Christopher Hecker was arrested last Thursday (MAY 3) after publicizing his disdain for the president, whom he believes is trying to put an end to patriotism. Sighting Ted Nugent’s racist rant against the Commander in […]