YG’s newest beef is not with a rapper but with American Airlines. Apparently, he was asked to leave a plane for being too intoxicated.

We imagine Bill Cosby is somewhere quietly laughing his ass off after news that Hannibal Buress was arrested over the weekend. The popular comedian and actor was in Miami when the incident occurred and was eventually charged with disorderly conduct, although he initially faced another spoken charge of trespassing according to footage caught on video.

Just Think, Drake Gets Paid To Drink Away His Feelings In The Club.

It may sound cool in your favorite rebellious pop song, but drinking and driving is an ultimate no-no. After it was discovered that St. Louis Cardinals superstar-in-the-making Oscar Tavares killed himself and his girlfriend because he was legally drunk, he went from being a tragic hero to a complete statistic.

The 2014 version of Rob Ford must feel left out seeing that his 2013 counterpart couldn’t erase a headline with a lifetime supply of Wite-Out. Toronto’s embattled mayor admitted to using crack cocaine back in November and his subsequent behavior following the shocking confession suggested that he still went all G Money with his beloved […]