The 2014 version of Rob Ford must feel left out seeing that his 2013 counterpart couldn’t erase a headline with a lifetime supply of Wite-Out.

Toronto’s embattled mayor admitted to using crack cocaine back in November and his subsequent behavior following the shocking confession suggested that he still went all G Money with his beloved pipe.

Now, for his first news-worthy act of the current year, a new video of the Ford has surfaced which features the shameless politician rambling at Steak Queen, a local Canadian fast food restaurant rambling in Jamaican Patois.

So his new drug of choice is Red Stripe? O.K. then.

Reports Global News:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to drinking alcohol Monday night, after a YouTube video appeared today showing him at a restaurant swearing, mumbling and speaking in Jamaican patois.

It’s hard to make out what he is saying in this latest video, shot at a Rexdale restaurant. But he can be heard referring to Police Chief Bill Blair and five months of surveillance – “do you know how much money that cost?” – as well as his own visits to “Jane and Finch” and “Jamestown” and Malvern.

At one point, a person in a white jacket can be heard comparing the mayor to Stephen Harper, to which the mayor replies, “No, no, but I’m a straight up guy, you know?”

If you’re asking how in the bloodclot is he still in office, you’re not alone. Local CBC questioned their mayor about the incident and he didn’t shy away from the obvious.

When asked about the consumption of alcohol that evening, he candidly replied, “A little bit, yeah.”

Whether or not the Jamaican community will hold beef with his shoddy imitation of their accent remains to be seen but for now, you can see the video of the stand-up routine below.

Photo: YouTube

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