dunkin’ donuts

Chances are if Snoop Dogg is not rapping or smoking he is most likely promoting a product. He does not disappoint with his newest collaboration.

Your momma named you Dunkin’ Donuts, so we’re going to continue to call you Dunkin’Donuts. That is the sentiment of patrons of the famed doughnut and coffee shop chain after the company announced it’s only going by Dunkin as part of new rebranding move.

Police are known to love coffee and donuts. So it came with great surprise when they accused a Dunkin’ Donuts location of refusing to serve two officers who were on duty.

Last Friday (August 30), global doughnut and coffee company Dunkin’ Donuts found itself under heavy criticism after a model in blackface was featured in an advertising campaign. A human rights group deemed the ad racist and raised a stir, thus prompting the company to pull and apologize for the advertisement.

On Tuesday (August 20), a married couple beatdown, and pistol whipped, a Dunkin Donuts worker who messed up their iced coffee order. Yes, this did happen in Florida.

An elderly Connecticut man let his ax do the talking, after he was kicked out of a local Dunkin’ Donuts location. Wilfred Levine was booted from the establishment Wednesday (March 6), for being drunk and loitering, only to return to seek vengeance.