Sorry To Bother You was one of the wildest and most talked about movies of 2018 and its star Lakeith Stanfield was all for the full frontal scene the script originally called for — but as you’ll see in this EXCLUSIVE clip, director Boots Riley decided the ween shot wasn’t necessary after all because Stanfield […]

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The publicity gods are definitely on the side of Tyga this week.

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Nelly and Lakers center Andrew Bynum are the latest to team up for the rapper’s “Celebrity Sweat” DVD series. As previously reported Nelly Mo is starring in a fitness DVD series for Sports Profiles Plus and aiming to “bridge the gap between popular culture and fitness.” In the latest video trailer we see Nelly and […]

It seems as if the groupie love for Drake continues to hold strong with the New Year.  With Thank Me Later only two months away, anticipation and expectations couldn’t be greater for the young rapper. Without an album and strictly riding off his buzz, M3 has decided to pay a little homage with the release […]

One thing that will also be remembered about rapper Busta Rhymes is his overwhelming personality and his ability to become so animated in all of his musical offerings. Along with his career in music, the rapper also has an extensive background in films starring in movies such as Higher Learning, Shaft and Halloween: Resurrection. Busta […]


Mayor of Newark, Cory Booker, has jumped through many hoops and over several hurdles to clean the image of one of the ugliest cities in America. Unfortunately, it seems that those residing within New Jersey’s mayoral offices like things the way they are, with all seeming to allow business to operate as usual. In Atlantic […]