Dwayne Michael Carter

Before starting his one year bid in jail, Lil Wayne is seeing his name brought up in court papers once again. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.’s been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit over his 2008 hit song “Mrs. Officer” from his Carter III album. Music publishing company The Royalty Network and record producer Darius (Deezle) […]

Controversy is still swirling surrounding Lil Wayne’s debut rock album. The release date for Rebirth is continuing to be disputed after being pushed back nearly a year. As previously reported, Rebirth was thought to have been pushed back to a new June 2010 release date.  That date is being disputed however and now the album […]

Lil Wayne’s introduction into the rock world has been pushed back yet again. As previously reported 500 lucky fans received a copy from Amazon.com after the company missed the last push back and mistakenly released the pre-ordered albums. Now instead of the most recent release date of February 2, the project’s been pushed back to

While Lil Wayne prepares for his impending jail sentence and embarks on his farewell tour, fans of Mr. Carter should prepare to support him during his first stint as a cartoon. Wayne is set to lend his voice to a cartoon special airing on Adult Swim. The cartoon titled