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Eagles are too fly. Keep that in mind while listening to Bun B‘s new single, “Eagles,” from the Port Arthur, Texas rapper’s forthcoming Trill O.G: The Epilogue album. 

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The son of former Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham died Tuesday after police say he drowned in a hot tub. 2-year-old Christian Cunningham was found floating face down in his family’s hot tub around 4:30 p.m. yesterday. The retired NFL player is now a pastor and uses the hot tub to perform baptisms. Abuse and neglect […]

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Fans of the St. Louis Rams would do well to batten down their hatches as a gust of change is headed their way, and if public opinion still counts for anything, it is more than likely going to be one that most will not like. Admitted racist, bigot, drug-addict, right-wing fringe dweller, and all around […]