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Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick Should Have Been Executed

It would appear that someone in America, someone who has paid their debt to society should be given a second chance right? I guess that is the case, unless you’re Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Mike Vick and the deciding powers is “conservative” news station FOX News.

In an interview on Great American Panel, in response to news that President Obama contacted and thanked Philadelphia Eagles head coach for giving Vick a second chance,  racist and biased journalist Tucker Carlson stated that he felt Vick should have been executed for his malicious treatment of dogs.

“I’m a Christian and I have messed up myself, so I believe reverently in second chances,” Carlson stated. “But Michael Vick killed dogs and he did in a heartless and cruel way and I personally think that he should have been executed.”

Although Carlson is known for his extreme right wing point of view, I think that this one was a little too extreme. Executing someone for killing a dog? He votes for that execution, but what about the execution for the killer of Oscar Grant? What about the execution for the cops that senselessly murdered Sean Bell before his wedding?

I am an animal lover, but to say that someone should be killed for the murder of a dog is ridiculous and irresponsible.

Check out the clip below:


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