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Just when it seemed like Michael Vick’s life couldn’t get any weirder, the New York Daily News is reporting that his father, Michael Dwayne Boddie, has been charged with participating in a large-scale heroin distribution organization.

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Regardless of what you may think, Michael Vick believes he belongs in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Michael Vick is finally ready to share his life story, from his point of view, with the world.

Michael Vick is now the Pittsburgh Steelers starting quarterback following Ben Roethlisberger’s MCL sprain that will have him sidelined for 4-to-6 weeks.

New York Jets fans wishing for an end to the Mark Sanchez era finally had their prayers answered over the weekend. The team gave the former first-round pick the boot Friday, clearing room for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick to sign a 1-year deal.

You know that family member everyone has that just can’t do right? Michael Vick’s example would be his brother Marcus Vick, who was just popped this morning (December 30) for driving while high on marijuana. 

Whether you are a Philadelphia Eagles fan or not, chances are you are now familiar with Riley Cooper. Earlier this week footage surfaced of the wide receiver at a Kenny Chesney concert aggressively yelling “I will fight every ni–er here!” Not the best choice in words for a Caucasian wide receiver in the NFL.

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper made headlines Wednesday (July 31) after a video of the player dropping N-word bombs at country music star Kenny Chesney‘s concert surfaced. A person who witnessed the incident said Cooper had a meltdown because he wasn’t allowed backstage like other NFL players.

The last thing the Michael Vick needs in his life is another controversy. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback’s younger brother, Marcus, took to Twitter and hurled an anti-gay insult towards the Arizona Cardinals. Former Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes was recently outed by an alleged ex-boyfriend, which no doubt prompted Vick’s slanderous tweet.

No matter, there will always be people that vindictively ain’t trying to let Michael Vick cook. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback had to cancel a planned book signing tour because of death threats.

This really shouldn’t be a big deal, but judging from the involved parties, it looks like it will be. A few days ago, Michael Vick tweeted and adorable picture of him and his daughter both doing homework. While his little one was knocking out some homework, Vick was going over game film of his upcoming […]

Consider Michael Vick the poster child for “Blowin’ Money Fast.” The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has made $31 million since filing for bankruptcy back in 2008. But the kicker, reports TMZ, is that the VA native has spent $29 million of those bucks. It wasn’t on b.s., like these athletes here, though.