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This really shouldn’t be a big deal, but judging from the involved parties, it looks like it will be. A few days ago, Michael Vick tweeted and adorable picture of him and his daughter both doing homework. While his little one was knocking out some homework, Vick was going over game film of his upcoming game against the Pittsburgh Steelers (which they lost yesterday, 16-14). However the crack detectives that are tweet watchers caught a glimpse of some a Milk Bones box in the corner.


Now unless Mike Vick thinks he is a golden retriever and really enjoys the bitter taste of doggy treats, it looks like #7 got himself a new dog. Not that you need a reminder, but Michael Vick spent 21 months in prison after a dogfighting conviction in 2007. Since then Vick had spent a significant amount of his own money as an advocate against dogfighting and working with PeTA. 

The 2010 NFL Comeback Player Of The Year is legally allowed to own a canine, but many dog lovers still hold a disdain for the quarterback and feel he shouldn’t own one for running his barbaric dogfighting ring.

Minutes after this picture was tweeted, he deleted it and re-uploaded a picture with the milk bones cropped out and his iPad blurred. Do you think this is a big deal? Sound off in the comments.


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