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The former NBA swingman and podcaster says he was mostly aiming his ire at the Philadelphia Eagles and how they treated Jackson compared to Riley Cooper.

Look at Nelson Agholor making lemonade out of lemons. Instead of being sour about the local Philly hero, Hakim Laws shading him, he extended an invite to the good samaritan to an Eagles game.

A Philadelphia man has dropped one of the best sports-related soundbites of the year, this after he assisted in the rescue of babies from a house fire. While talking with reporters, the man took a shot at Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor, who dropped some key passes in the team’s loss to the Detroit […]

Philadelphia 76ers forward Mike Scott is a diehard fan of the Washington NFL team. Apparently, some Philadelphia Eagles fans wanted the smoke, and the NBA player came through and delivered some exacting fades.

Over the weekend in Washington, two professional athletes apparently tried serving one another the fade with both of them getting nabbed by the long arm of the law. Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Jalen Mills and Washington Wizards forward Devin Robinson were both arrested outside the Opera nightclub early Saturday morning, but details are scant beyond that.

President Donald Trump took time out of his busy schedule of ruining, excuse us, running the country and issued a tweet disinviting the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House, a typical custom after a major sports win. Many members of the Super Bowl championship squad had no intentions of attending the ceremony, including most, if […]

Even though they are still enjoying the spoils of their first-ever Super Bowl victory, some of the Eagles are already thinking ahead. A few players have made it clear a trip to visit Donald Trump is not in their plans.

As a Philadelphia native Kevin Hart was representing hard for his team at the Super Bowl. Apparently, he got very washed and didn’t have many cares left when the Eagles clinched the win.

In the final seconds of Super Bowl LII, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady gave one last heave into the end zone towards tight end Rob Gronkowski. After the Philadelphia Eagles secondary broke up the play and securing their big win, the online slander aimed at Brady has been on overdrive ever since.

In the wake of the Philadelphia Eagles making team history by winning their first NFL championship Sunday night (Feb. 4), reports of widespread looting and violence erupted online resulting in the “#phillypolicescanner” hashtag. Although news reports have featured rather sensational headlines, the footage collected did appear to show the City of Brotherly Love falling into […]

Fletcher Cox, part of the Super Bowl-bound Philadelphia Eagles defensive squad, has a lot to contend with that doesn’t deal with X’s and O’s. The massive defensive tackle faced a lawsuit last year from a man who said Cox banged his lady, thus ruining the marriage but is now pushing back.