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Michael Vick is now the Pittsburgh Steelers starting quarterback following Ben Roethlisberger’s MCL sprain that will have him sidelined for 4-to-6 weeks.

Much to some fan’s (read: racist) chagrin, they still can’t get over the fact the former Falcons and Eagles captain was convicted–and served his sentence–for dogfighting in 2007.

Snoop Dogg isn’t one to judge those who have had trouble with the law and the unyielding Steelers fan had a few choice words for those who can’t get over the past while speaking with Complex Sports.

“I love Vick,” Snoop admitted. “Before he got to the Steelers. I loved him when he caught the case, [and] after he caught the case. Mistakes are made to be made. I mean, he did his time. What y’all gonna do—hold it over his head forever? It’s over with. He’s been punished, he’s been banned from the league, he came back, he’s on the good foot, he ain’t been around dogs, he ain’t do nothing like that. He’s been about the positivity and that’s what’s wrong with people, we always judge people about what we did as opposed to what we’re doing. I love him to death whether he’s a Steeler or not. He’s a friend of mine.”

Although never convicted, Roethlisberger settled an alleged rape case out of court but unlike Vick, he got the fan’s undying support. Snoop still has his homie’s back, however.

“Michael Vick keep on keepin’ on. I’m glad you’re in the quarterback position for us now to lead us until Ben comes back, so prove ‘em wrong and go to work and do what you do,” the legendary rapper concluded.

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