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Regardless of what you may think, Michael Vick believes he belongs in the NFL Hall of Fame.

TMZ Sports caught up with the once controversial quarterback as he was leaving his own retirement party at Grooves in Houston this past Saturday night where Vick acknowledged that he believes he should eventually be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

It’s well known that Michael Vick was at one time considered one of the top 5 – if not top 3 – quarterbacks in the game, but after being convicted of running a “cruel and inhumane” dogfighting ring, many fans opinions about him changed.

Though he spent two seasons out of the game he did return and put up some impressive games for the Philadelphia Eagles, but wasn’t exactly the same player he was before serving 23 months in prison. Not to mention his quick stint with the New York Jets would only do more damage to his already tarnished legacy.

But that doesn’t hinder his own opinion about himself as he believes he “changed the game.”

He may well have, but if Terrell Owens is still getting blocked from getting his own spot in Canton, OH, for his disruptive reputation alone, then Michael might not ever get the honor of getting his own gold jacket.

Maybe his possible future in coaching can fetch him some redemption, but for now we don’t see people forgetting his off the field actions anytime soon.

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