Mike Vick

The NFL is back, no seriously, the National Football League is back, and Madden NFL 21 is celebrating all week long the return of professional football.

Atlanta might be the only show on television right now that consistently outdoes itself each episode. Episode 3, “Money Bag Shawty,” sticks to this seasons theme (we will get to that later)  while brilliantly pointing out how wealth applies to Black people in the United States of America. Oh and another amazing cameo that had […]

Mike Vick seems to have emerged from the sunken place, if only slightly. The former cornrowed quarterback sparked some controversy after suggesting Colin Kaepernick’s hair is keeping him from getting an NFL gig, but Vick has since walked back that outlandish comment.

You knew Colin Kaepernick wasn’t going to just let Mike Vick talk all reckless about him. The jobless QB—for racist and bigoted reasons, don’t debate us—took to Instagram to relay that Vick just may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. 

Mike Vick knows exactly how Colin Kaepernick, a more than capable NFL quarterback, can lock down a gig. The fellow QB says Kap should cut his afro.

Consider Michael Vick the poster child for “Blowin’ Money Fast.” The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has made $31 million since filing for bankruptcy back in 2008. But the kicker, reports TMZ, is that the VA native has spent $29 million of those bucks. It wasn’t on b.s., like these athletes here, though.