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Atlanta FX Season 3, Episode 3 2

Source: Guy D’Alema / FX

Atlanta might be the only show on television right now that consistently outdoes itself each episode. Episode 3, “Money Bag Shawty,” sticks to this seasons theme (we will get to that later)  while brilliantly pointing out how wealth applies to Black people in the United States of America. Oh and another amazing cameo that had everyone hollering at the end of the show.


The episode opens up with a white woman who is clearly in distress. She decides to record a video to voice her displeasure about a Paper Boi song she and her young daughter heard on the radio. While her white tears were flowing down her face she recited the very raunchy lyrics while her daughter sits in the background. Atlanta may seem like a show that sometimes has no direction but nothing is done on this show without a purpose.

If that video looked familiar to some of yall that’s because it indeed happened as pointed out by Atlanta viewers on Twitter. A white woman took the same course of action for the Vince Staple’s song “Norf, Norf”. Atlanta took it there and brilliantly spoofed the whole ordeal.

White tears are delicious, they are so good in fact they helped Paper Boi’s new single go gold. To celebrate the trio of Paper Boi, Earn and Darius hit a restaurant/bar for some libations and toasted to those glorious white tears.

Photo: FX


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