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You knew Colin Kaepernick wasn’t going to just let Mike Vick talk all reckless about him. The jobless QB—for racist and bigoted reasons, don’t debate us—took to Instagram to relay that Vick just may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. 

Yesterday, I’m Not Black I’m Mike Vick now infamously suggested Kap cutting his Afro would magically make NFL GM’s start calling him.

Today (July 18), all Kap posted on his Instagram was a text definition of Stockholm Syndrome, a phenomenon where captives develop empathy for their captors, no matter how heinously they may have been treated.

“This syndrome is also called ‘traumatic bonding’ or ‘victim brainwashing.,” reads part of the definition.

Sound familiar?

Think of it when a slave defended the abuses of a brutal master or when Mike Vick thinks a person changing their looks will genuinely make a racist change their mind about him.

Classy response from Kap, considering there are a whole lot of other words Twitter has been using to describe Vick.

Rock whatever hairstyle you want to rock Kap, it’s your God-given right.

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