eli manning

Grand opening, grand closing. Today (Sept. 17), it was announced that longtime Giants quarterback Eli Manning has been benched.

Lil Wayne proves once again he doesn’t miss a thing when it comes to sports. Eli Manning inadvertently snubbed him and got put on notice by the famed rapper.

We all come together for Super Bowl Sunday to either root for or in some cases against a particular team (*coughs* Tom Brady and the Patriots ) or critique the halftime show. BUT there is one aspect that unites us all on this and it’s the commercials. Companies fork over more than $5 million just […]


Eli Manning was out here peddling helmets, fraudulently claiming they were game worn, when they were not, allegedly. That’s the subject of a sports memorabilia lawsuit the New York Giants quarterback finds himself mired in. 

Tom Brady knows a whole hell of a lot about balls, maybe more than your average professional football player. Fellow quarterback Eli Manning, is one of many who don’t really believe Brady’s response to the “deflategate” rumors.

It appears that football fans can expect hot 16s from quarterbacking kin Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, who return today in DIRECTV’s  “Fantasy Football Fantasy” ad. 

While many highly ranked teams have gone on to underperform during the 2013 schedule, this NFL season has yet to disappoint with a weekly offering of surprises, chokes and controversies.

Flavor Flav was in the building last night as the New York Giants defeated The New England Patriots 21-17 in the Super Bowl. Public Enemy’s hypeman was on deck and even made it onto the field as he hugged and congratulated Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. Now that’s Cold Lampin’ right there.